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Sabatia angularis (rosepink) Available Now

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Sabatia angularis (rosepink) Available Now

Sabatia angularis (rosepink) seeds harvested from Lake Nockamixon in Bucks County, PA and from outside Asheville, NC.  About 20 flats each of well-rooted seedlings are available now.  Plant in nearly any soil and enjoy the amazing show of color next August/September.  Be sure to collect the seeds and sprinkle them throughout your garden.  Sabatia angularis is a biennial, just like many of our most beautiful wildflowers.  This is mostly a surface-rooted plant, so the top 2-3 inches of the soil should remain moist or damp at all times.  Add a light mulch of leaf mould if your soils tend to dry out quickly in the summer.

We have found Sabatia angularis (rose pink) growing in dry sandy mountain-top soils to saturated wetlands.  Click here to view the full range of Sabatia angularis (rosepink).  Although this plant is widespread, you will generally have a difficult time finding it in the wild.  Populations of biennials are extremely sensitive to mowing late in the season because they they will fail to set seed.  Just a few seasons of mowing will completely eradicate this gorgeous native plant.  Look for it along forest service roads or in the mountains where there is little weed pressure.

The bloom period ranges from late July until early September.  Coreopsis pubescens (star tickseed) would be a good associate in dry soils.  Mix with Cuphea viscosissima (blue waxweed) in moister conditions.  Both of these associates are available from American Native Nursery.

Starting in 2014, we will begin a breeding program on Sabatia angularis (rosepink) to develop both early-blooming and late blooming strains to offer landscape designers so that they can mix this plant in with their favorite palette.

Use the contact form below to stake your claim on these amazing plants or call us at 855-752-6862.

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